Crystal Audio



10 MX
Following in the tradition of the original 12MX, the 10MX offers most of the same features but in a more compact enclosure. Due to its unique cabinet geometry, the 10MX is at home either on the stage as an extremely low profile stage monitor, or as a main, medium duty, front of house speaker. Adamson's Acoustic Waveguide is employed in the 10MX and its integral pole mount makes installation fast and effective. As with all Adamson enclosures, frequency response, output and beamwidth control are second to none. The 10MX carries on the tradition of multi-purpose versatility.


  • Extremely Low Profile Stage Monitor
  • Arrayable Front of House Enclosure
  • Theater
  • Houses of worship
  • Corporate


  • Unique Cabinet Geometry
  • Adamson AX10 Low Frequency Driver
  • 1” High Frequency Compression Driver
  • Passive Operation
  • Adamson Acoustic Waveguide
  • Durable Dual Component Finish
  • Roadworthy Construction

Download Technical Specs for the 10MX