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ADAMSON Stage Monitors


The Adamson M Series offers users a range of high powered stage monitors for a variety of demanding applications.

The low-profile, symmetrical pentagon shaped M12 is the most compact, while the M15 has proven to be a success as a lightweight, high horsepower monitor. Since its inception the M15 has found itself on an ever-growing number of technical riders worldwide. Both M15 and M12 can be ordered complete with an Active/Passive switchable crossover network, or in an active only version.

The newest member of the M Series family is the low profile M212, which offers increased low-end for a 12" monitor, with two brand new 12" ND12 drivers, yet it features a smaller and more compact footprint than the M215, with a slightly wider dispersion at 65 x 65 degrees.

The biggest and meanest member of the family is the extremely powerful M215. With all the fine sonic qualities of the M15, the M215 utilizes two 15” drivers
rather than one, and takes advantage of the larger cavity volume to produce massive low end. The M215 is ideal for artists that insist on having big monitor rigs
with substantial output. The impressive bass response also allows the M215 to act as a standalone drumfill.

Adamson also offers a 10” and a 12” cabinet in the classic MX Series for those insisting on Adamson quality on a budget.

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