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SpekTrix & Metrix Series

Both the Adamson SpekTrix and Metrix Series offer all the benefits of a true line-source array via patented wave shaping sound chamber technology. The SpekTrix is a three-way enclosure exhibiting extremely high output for its compact size. The sound chamber has a defined coverage pattern of 5-degrees vertical by 120-degrees horizontal and produces a slightly curved, iso-phase wave front. The Metrix is a two-way enclosure with the same coverage pattern as the SpekTrix.

Both the SpekTrix and Metrix W are 15-degree trapezoidal cabinets that allow for extreme downward angles at the bottom of arrays and are perfect for use in wide vertical coverage array designs. Both use the same components as their respective SpekTrix and Metrix boxes.

The SpekTrix Sub is equipped with two powerful 18" AW18 Kevlar Neodymium bass drivers mounted in a tuned, vented and fully braced cabinet. The Metrix Sub features two 15” ND15-L Kevlar Neodymium bass drivers. Both single-sided enclosures may be arrayed conventionally or in back-to-front pairs for true cardioid performance.

All SpekTrix Series enclosures feature AIR™ (Adamson Integrated Rigging)system flying hardware. The Metrix Series is available in touring (Metrix-t) and installation (Metrix-i) versions. The Metrix-t encompasses Adamson's AIR™ (Adamson Integrated Rigging) system. For venues looking for a permanent option, the Metrix system can be purchased as the Metrix-i, which featurs EIR™ (Enclosed Installation Rigging) system designed for the economically concerned customer, looking for a high-end sound system.

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