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AH Series Stadium Horn

AH Series

AH Series Stadium Horn
Systems from Atlas Sound

• Precision engineered dispersion patterns provide maximum SPL capabilities while maintaining audio integrity and intelligibility.
• 8", 12", & 15" solutions, each available in three popular coverage patterns: 50° x 40°, 65° x 65°, & 90° x 40° for 15" models, 90° x 90°, 65° x 65°,
& 90° x 40° for 8" & 12" models.
• All models (except AHSUB15S) include a versatile stainless steel mounting bracket. Alternatively, Atlas Sound offers Allen Products mounting solutions for easy pole mount installation.

The AH Series Stadium Loudspeakers offer the most often requested coverage patterns while providing excellent intelligibility for the most challenging environments including large auditoriums & sport fields. With a complete family of 8", 12", and 15" 2-way systems, designers and specifiers can select models for whatever SPL is required with the peace of mind that all units will provide outstanding pattern control.
90° H X 90° V models (8" and 12" models only) are suggested for shorter loudspeaker to listener distances and/or wider coverage requirements such as bleacher seating where the speaker may be in close proximity to the crowd.
65° H X 65° V (8", 12" and 15" models) square coverage pattern models are perfect for down-firing applications including convention centers.
90° H X 40° V patterns (8", 12" and 15" models) work well when longer speaker to listener distances require a tighter vertical coverage pattern.
15" AH series models offer an even slightly tighter pattern of 50° H X 40° V. This device is often mounted atop football field press boxes with the device aimed at the visitor side in conjunction with wider coverage pattern models to cover the home side bleachers.

Common Design Features

Multiple stainless steel mesh screens protect internal drivers from weather and pest damage. A primary rodent screen provides protection for all components, a secondary screen resides between the high frequency horn and the driver, and a third perforated screen protects the woofer.
Heavy-duty stainless steel mounting brackets are included with all models and three dropforge eyebolts are also included for overhead suspension (use only load-rated & approved hardware). For light pole mounting Atlas Sound also distributes matching mounting accessories from Allen Products. (see back)
15" models AH9040S, AH6565S and AH5040S feature impressive, full range sound reproduction via a high excursion low frequency woofer and a concentrically mounted 1" exit compression driver. A well-designed, highly efficient internal passive crossover network ensures proper transition between the two drivers, which collectively provide frequency response from 75 Hz – 14.5 kHz (±5 dB).
With an efficiency rating in excess of 102 dB (1 W / 1 M), the 15" AH Series is a perfect choice for high-energy music playback at sporting events and extended range speech reinforcement for large venue emergency notification. The 8 Ω rating allows maximum low frequency response and is a good match with Atlas Sound model CP700 amplifier. If transformer operation is required for long runs of smaller gauge cable please contact tech support for proper configuration and use of model AF140 auto-former. Termination is via rear mounted terminal block with a Plexiglas cover for weather resistance.
The 8" & 12" 2-way models are perfect for applications where space considerations will not allow installation of the larger 15" 2-way models. All 8" & 12" models include a 60 watt, 70.7V / 100V internal transformer which is accessed via terminal block connector sealed by a weather resistant cover. Transformer may also be bypassed for direct coupled 8 Ω operation.
12" AH models feature a version of the popular 12CXT60 compression driver coaxial loudspeaker.
8" 2-way AH models feature a version of the popular 8CXT60 compression driver coaxial loudspeaker.

15" Stadium Subwoofer

A perfect complement to any AH Series full range device, the AHSUB15S will provide extended low frequency response to add presence to any high energy music playback system. A specially designed, rear firing 15" cast frame woofer is mounted into a high volume chamber for optimum loading and output. These design elements provide an impressive frequency response down to 55 Hz (-5 dB) for accurate bass response. The AHSUB15S is capable of handling up to 250 watts RMS, providing output in excess of 126 dB (Rated power @ 1 Meter). Three eyebolt suspension points are provided along with mounting locations to allow stacked installation of other AH models.
Subwoofer Mounting Solutions
AHSUBSTAND allows the easy installation of the AHSUB15S under bleacher seating or other areas where concrete
slab mounting is possible. Stand provides secure mounting of the AHSUB15S in a down firing configuration
to maximize output performance while helping to prevent theft and weather damage.
Holes are provided on the bracket feet for anchor points when mounting on concrete slab and additional holes are located on the frame to allow the AHSUB15S to be attached to the frame via chain or cable (not included) for optimal security.