Crystal Audio

Elements E435 Install Kit

E 435 A InSTALL KIT Mid/High-Unit with Amp Module

Our engineers developed the ELEMENTS
Install Kit to make installation an exercise
in speed, efficiency and convenience.
It consists of one E 435 IL U mid/high
unit and an EA 600 IL amp module. The
mounting fixtures are integrated into the
The amp module is powerful enough to
drive three more E 435 mid/high units, or a
combination of one E 435 with one E 835.
An installed ELEMENTS system swivels
180° horizontally for alignment purposes.

E 435 InSTALL KIT Mid/High Unit

The passive E 435 Install Kit consists of
two E 435-IL modules. It lets you install up
to four additional E 435 mid/high units (or
two E 835s) in one array. To ensure safe
operation with this type of setup, you will
need appropriately configured controllers
and amps.