Crystal Audio



Custom-designed for HK AUDIO systems, the FIRNET Linear Phase FIR Controller sports two inputs and four outputs. As its FIR filter technology, sophisticated AD/DA converters, and advanced DSPs attest, the experts who engineered it dipped into a deep well of more than ten years experience working with these technologies. FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filtering technology enables total phase linearity among components (speaker, controller and amps). This means sound systems render the different frequency components of a sonic image coherently; that is, in time and faithfully. Differences in phase response no longer cause listening fatigue, dramatically improving the sonic image’s clarity and sharpening its details. The FIRNET controller also serves to equalize all components, including the speaker chassis, speaker enclosures, passive x-overs, and power amps. The A/D converter’s dynamic range exceeds 128 dB; the internal sampling frequency is 96 kHz. Together, this yields the highest definition and clarity, which translates to a remarkably transparent audio signal. And an ingenious combination of RMS limiters with overshoot functions and look-ahead peak limiters affords loudspeakers utmost protection.

Facts & Features

Output dynamics: 125 dB/A
Frequency response (-1 dB): 5,5 Hz – 34 KHz
Limiters: Peak overshoot protection, RMS limiter
Delay: Input 500 ms, Output 25 ms