Crystal Audio

LUCAS Series


Within a few short months of its debut in 1998, the original LUCAS system triggered a sea change on the market for compact sound reinforcement systems. Exceptional depth and detailing from soft to loud paired with ingeniously simple handling made it the venerable progenitor of the entire HK AUDIO LUCAS product family. In fact, it sired a new product category that sent many of the conventional compact sound reinforcement systems scurrying for cover, never to be seen again in some market segments. The newest generation of this best-selling product family embraces the first LUCAS generation’s sought-after features and leverages state-of-theart speaker and digital technology to attain an unprecedented level of performance. The original was a high-water mark in system engineering, but the new generation, even more compact, lighter, and able to deliver even more impressive sound with even greater reliability, raises the bar even higher. Whatever your musical mission as a DJ, mobile entertainer or small band, the new LUCAS family’s four systems offer the perfect solution for every range of application you may encounter.