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With the PREMIUM PR:O line, HK AUDIO® has raised the bar for modular sound reinforcement systems for musicians. Alongside excellent audio quality, this new line of speaker cabinets offers a rich feature set ordinarily found exclusively on very pricy pro equipment. Until now, that is. Like all HK AUDIO® products, PREMIUM PR:O is all about well-balanced, transparent sound and controlled power. Seeking to design truly dynamic performers, our engineers brainstormed the PREMIUM PR:O line with a mind to delivering crisp, crystal-clear voice response and assertive, authoritative projection—a perfect fit for live sound! Five models, each available in passive and powered versions, provide the right solution for every conceivable application. Courtesy of their modular design, PREMIUM PR:O models may be mixed and matched freely and easily. The new active models feature easy-to-operate onboard electronics that are engineered to provide excellent sound and utmost reliability in a surprisingly light package.
This line’s remarkably linear frequency response, ultra precise transient response, and extraordinary sound pressure levels attest to a standard of audio quality far beyond the reach of other offerings in this class. Modular Systems: The Premium PR:O Series is modular in design so that all mid/high-range units may be deployed either as full-range cabinets or in combination with the PR:O 18 subwoofer. The audio characteristics of both the active and passive models have been meticulously matched to each other for full compatibility. Feel free to connect the passive speakers to the active models, or set up entire systems in both variants. Either way, you are sure to enjoy that richly detailed yet muscular HK AUDIO® sound in every setup regardless of configuration. Be it a passive rig with outboard power amps or an active variant, you will always find the system perfectly suited to your application in PREMIUM PR:O. Premium Pro Active and Passive