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Give your studio a new heart

SSL’s Matrix is a powerful combination of mixing console, signal router and workstation controller. Ideal for broadcast and post applications where a combination of analogue processing and digital control are key tools to productivity, Matrix is useful to a number of areas of the production process.
In Post, SuperAnalogue signal quality means Matrix and an accompanying SSL X-Rack full of Mic Pre’s, EQ’s and Dynamics modules are perfect recording tools for Foley and Voice Recording applications. Matrix has comprehensive foldback facilities and enough mix and auxilliary busses to keep the session and ‘The Talent’ working comfortably with all the cues they need. Integrated DAW control means transport control of sound and picture are in front of the engineer at all times combined with push button locate memories, ADR cues become easy to memorise, locate to and cycle round for fast, stress free, flowing sessions.
Simultaneous DAW control capability provides a perfect toolset to assist complex Sound Design work, where effects and soundscapes are created using combinations of workstation packages. With a single button press you can switch from Logic to Live, from Live to Reason keeping the creative process flowing and all with the fantastic sonic performance of an SSL mix bus.

Surround Monitoring option
Installing this option will convert the External Source inputs EXT A and B input from stereo to 5.1, and the stereo monitor outputs into two 5.1 outputs. This provides 2 input stems for 5.1 monitoring, and 2 sets of 5.1 speakers to switch between and control using the Matrix centre section.

Key Features

  • 16 Mono Line channels with two separate inputs per strip
  • 32 x 16 x 16 insert router for up to 16 external processing devices
  • Stereo Aux Send and 4 Mono Sends per channel
  • ‘Input to Cue Stereo’ doubles mixdown channel count
  • ‘In Line’ DAW monitoring with ‘SuperCue’ headphone mode
  • Dual Stereo Mix Busses with summing Inserts and reassign
  • 4 Stereo Returns with full stereo mix bus routing
  • Stereo digital I/O (S/PDIF, AES/EBU) with SSL converter technology
  • Stereo monitoring with independent Main and Mini monitor outputs
  • 3 External Monitor inputs with source summing
  • iJack front panel Monitor input
  • Artist Monitor output with independent EQ and monitor source selection
  • 16 motorised faders with multiple layer DAW control
  • General purpose MIDI controller mode
  • Additional motorised ‘Focus’ fader for simultaneous DAW/Console control
  • Programmable function keys for keyboard key strokes/macros
  • New DAW-based MIDI Fader automation
  • Ethernet MIDI connectivity and PC/MAC Browser Interface
  • Heavy duty external PSU