Crystal Audio



Expand your scalable studio
Highly versatile compact analogue mixer provides expansion for X-Desk, X-Rack or works as a standalone summing or sub mixer.
Building on the success of X-Desk, X-Panda packs a versatile feature set into its compact frame. As a standalone product it serves as a compact, high quality 24 input mixer that can be used for tracking (in conjunction with external mic pres) or master mix summing. In conjunction with an SSL X-Desk, X-Panda introduces 24 additional channels, which via the ‘X-Desk Link’ connection, feed directly into the X-Desk Master Buss, Cue and Aux Send/Return system. In conjunction with an X-Rack summing system, X-Panda adds faders and additional inputs to create a versatile mixer. X-Panda can also be used with any other mixer to expand available channel count.

Key Features
Highly versatile compact analogue mixer with SSL SuperAnalogue™ benchmark audio quality
24 Ch Expander for X-Desk or any other analogue mixer
Adds long throw 100mm faders and 24 Ch Inputs to an X-Rack summing system
24 Input summing mixer when used in conjunction with X-Desk / X-Rack (up to 22 Input summing in stand alone mode)
8 mono fader channels with main and Alt inputs giving 16 mono inputs
4 stereo fader channels with Stereo Inserts and Stereo Direct Outputs
Stereo Cue, and FX1 & FX2 mono Aux send controls
Heavy duty self illuminated Solo/cut Switches
Compact desktop design with removable 19” rack ears
Rear panel connections via DB25 D-Sub

Channel Architecture:
X-Panda Mono channels feature a Main and Alt input with a +/-20dB input Level Trim control with a centre detent at unity gain, tri-colour signal indicator LEDs, Phase Invert, an Insert switch and it is also possible to source the Direct Channel Output post fader. Each channel has a Stereo Cue section with dedicated Level and Stereo Pan controls. When tracking this is traditionally used to create a monitor feed to the Stereo Cue Buss Output but an Alt button flips the Stereo Cue section controls to controlling the Alt input Level & Pan for mix down. Each channel features independent FX1 and FX2 send level controls. Self illuminated heavy duty Solo and Cut buttons and precision 100mm faders complete the channel strip.
X-Panda Stereo channels feature Input Level control, along with individual L&R signal indicator LED’s, separate L&R Phase Invert and a true Stereo Insert point. The Stereo Cue section is dedicated to Cue Buss functionality (there is no Alt input on stereo channels.) FX send controls are identical to the mono channels but take a summed mono feed of the stereo source. Each stereo channel has a Stereo Balance control and in addition to feeding the Mix Buss each channel has its own dedicated Stereo Direct Output which can also be sourced post the channel fader.

Buss Architecture:
X-Panda features a stereo Mix Buss. When linked to an X-Desk using the ‘X-Desk Link’ connection, the X-Panda Mix Buss feeds directly into the X-Desk Mix Buss (the X-Panda Stereo Cue Buss also feeds directly into the X-Desk Stereo Cue Buss). When linked to an X-Rack fitted with a Master Module using the ‘X-Rack Expansion’ connection, the X-Panda Mix Buss feeds directly into the X-Rack Master Module main Mix Buss (the X-Panda Stereo Cue Buss also feeds directly into the X-Rack Master Module Cue Buss). When used as a standalone product the X-Panda main Mix Buss is set to sum at unity gain enabling it to act as a summing mixer without the need for a Master Level control. When Linked to an X-Desk or an X-Rack configured as a summing system, the X-Panda and X-Desk or X-Rack Solo systems are also linked so that Soloing any channel mutes all other channels on all connected units. It is possible to cascade up to 8 X-Desk and X-Panda units using the ‘X-Desk Link’ system, enabling very high channel count systems to be configured.
On the X-Panda, the FX1 and FX2 send system is globally switchable between Pre and Post Fader operation. When linked to an X-Desk using the ‘SSL Unite’ connection, the X-Panda FX Busses feed the Master Section of the X-Desk and are routed to the Master Send Level Controls of the X-Desk. When used as a standalone system the X-Panda FX Buss outputs are set at unity gain so function as a traditional Aux send system, but without a Master Send Level control or a dedicated Aux Return (if an FX Return is required a Stereo fader could be used).