Crystal Audio

Pulsar Base Bundle PL112 x PL118


The Pulsar system is a brand new development from HK Audio.

The company is since the 70s in this market segment operates and become one of the leading suppliers of sound systems in Europe. HK Audio products are "Made in Germany" - from small PAs to large PA systems for open-air concerts by more than 50,000 spectators. Our test system, the PL base Bundle 112, sounds promising, if one flies over the data sheet: In PL 118 Sub a 18-inch bass, the PL112 FA Top tinkers with a 18 "-deep / midrange driver and a 1-inch CD -Horn operated. Overall, the digital power amplifiers are 1,600 watts. Different switch positions allow to adapt the system in a simple manner to the various scenarios.

PL 112 FA

An active cabinet loaded with a 12” speaker, the Pulsar PL 112 FA delivers a whopping 1,000 watts and features three inputs. Its remarkable dynamic range and definition, paired with its compact dimensions and surprisingly manageable weight, set it apart from the crowd of competitors. This cab continues to deliver powerful bass response even at high volume levels without sacrificing any of the midrange performance that is so vital to live sound. The sturdy wood housing and the DSP controller’s smart programming enhance its excellent acoustical properties.

PL 118 Sub A

An active unit loaded with an 18' subwoofer, the Pulsar PL 118 SUB A features a 600-watt amp. It renders higher-register bass tones with plenty of snap despite its remarkably low-ranging response. The hybrid design featuring a bass reflex port with resonator chamber delivers impressive SPL paired with a hair-trigger response to sub-bass frequencies. And that makes the PL 118 SUB A everything demanding DJs want and larger PAs need in a bass bin. Configuring 2.1, half-stack and full-stack setups with an input section featuring a versatile active crossover and stereo inputs.